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I want to describe more user friendly my ideas, inovations or patents, and I need one separete sectiion fot that.

Traffic light signs on vehicles

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Last Updated on Monday, 11 November 2013 11:05

Every day we see the cars on the street who have a variety of signs, such as:
- Disabled person on the board;
- Baby on the board;
- Keeps the distance, etc.

Why can not we have a sign for all in one. And these signs will be indeed the signs that will really warn us of the actual situation. Every day, we have a vehicles with many signs, but the drivers are some other person, or the child is not currently in the vehicle or similar - signs do not represent the real state.

If we will have a light sign, that we can activate as a driver only when we want and when we really need it. I would think that road safety will be much higher, and therefore we would have had more confidence in the signs on the vehicles.

For this idea, we can use a transparent display like:

Or cheaper version, small LED display as one or multicolor:




Animated turn car signal

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Last Updated on Thursday, 07 November 2013 09:46


I had this idea three or maybe four years.

Rahle as Holy Quran covers

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Last Updated on Thursday, 07 November 2013 21:05

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All Muslims around the world are trying to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu aleyhi ve sallam and try to read the Holy Quran everyday.

For easier reading and following the reciters/Qaris we use rahle.

For easy reading and following qariah we use rahleRahle is traditional instrument that can be found in many, many different designs, sizes, colors, ... as you we see on the following pictures:

 My idea is to use rahle as cover of the Holy Quran like on the following pictures:


First I made a prototype out of plastic, but the plastic is not good. Very fast and easy to break. I do not want to share these images with you.

I made a new pritotip of cardboard, which is not ideal, but it is good to show what was going on. I hope that these images show more details about this idea.

OK, one more, a new idea. Much better, more convenient and easier to use.


Bracelets as card for unlock door

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Last Updated on Thursday, 24 October 2013 17:26

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All of us working in companies with electronic security doors, and we should use magnetic card every day. I have kids, and they are playing outside every day. I have two options in this case (with kids) keeping unlock door whole day or my children always have to carry keys. But, every parents knows, kids very easy loose keys.
With magnetic bracelets and electronic door we will solve many problems with this and similar problems.

Just closer to the card reader, and our doors are unlocked. In this case, the reader would be at the gate near the keyhole.

What you think about this?

Solar cells

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 October 2013 20:55

I have no experience with solar cells, but I have an idea for improving the efficiency of solar cells. Maybe it's a stupid idea, and maybe not. I do not know at this moment. When I have finished collecting information about this, I will write a few sentences about it here.

Anyway, I imagine that the cell is spherical, thus increasing the area over which 'takes' light. For prevent losses due to the curvature of the surface, each sphere have a second part of the ball, convex lens for refracted light.